Monday, October 16, 2017

Autumn Nights

"It's getting cooler at night Sissy so make sure you put on a sweater when you go out!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
But the sweater didn't really help all that much.....

Monday ManCandy

The autumn air is cooler but still warm enough to allow you to have breakfast outdoors!!! The breeze cools you even as your creamy treat warms you from within!!!
There's just something special about having a few moments outside in the fresh crisp autumn air before you head into another work week!!!!
ManCandy!!!! If poetry had a flavor it would taste like this!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

After Dinner Treats

After dinner she liked to have some frozen yogurt.....and I liked to have a special treat too....

Uh Oh

"Uh oh....if she finds out I made you cum I'll be in trouble....would you mind terribly if I sucked it till you're ready again?"
"Go right ahead Sissy....I wouldn't want to get you in any trouble!!!"
"Thank you so much Sir!!!!"

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Haunted

The girls at Monroe college were all familiar with the legend.....the dorm was supposed to be haunted!
Legend had it that the founder roamed the halls late at night peeking at the girls and that when he picked one....well she found herself debauched and despoiled in the morning...and surely no man would have her then!!!!
Marylin was so scared....she didn't want to become one of "those" girls.....they all became ladies of easy virtue and stayed out past curfew cavorting with the college men! She was saving herself for her Arthur....he was so wonderful.....thoughtful and deep....someday he'd be a great writer.....
She shared her fears with her strong man and he laughed at first until he realized how serious she was!!!!
"Poor Dear, don't be afraid....I'll come tonight and sleep in your room with you and keep you safe!!!"
"Oh no Arthur, it would be wrong for you to spend a whole night in my room.....what will they say about me when they see you leave in the morning?"
"You're right of course, the campus gossips would destroy our reputations if they knew, even though I'd only be trying to keep my sweetheart safe and pure!"
"What if I disguised you as a girl....I could say you're my cousin from out of one would think twice about that!"
"Do you think I could fool anyone like that.....I am a man after all!!!"
"Oh Arthur....with your small frame and fine features I think we just might be able to pull it off....."
"Alright Dearest.....if nothing else it sounds like it will be great fun to pull the wool over everyone's eyes like that.....let's do it....but hanky-panky!!!"
"Oh Arthur, of course not.....there's time for that after we marry!!!"
She made him over and he settled into the bed next to her.....he was actually enjoying the silk nightgown she had given him to wear!!!!
"Arthur!!!" she exclaimed as she felt a nudge touch her bottom!!!!
"I'm sorry's just that I need to use the facilities....I'll be right back!"
She fell back to sleep as he slipped out of bed....
"Marylin!!!! Marylin!!!! Wake up!!!!"
She opened her eyes as her Swedish classmate shook her!!!!
"What is it Liv....what is it?"
They clung together as they heard a rhythmic thumping coming from across the darkened room accompanied by a long, low moan!!!!
Suddenly Marylin realized that Arthur hadn't returned from using the facilities.....
The noises were getting louder and Marylin could stand it no more....she reached for her small lamp and she saw it all.....
Her screams joined with he classmates as they was all true....the stories of the ghost....the founder.....picking out the prettiest and having his wicked way.....and she regretted that she had made Arthur so pretty....but it was too late for him now....
He had become the latest victim to be despoiled by Hefner's ghost!!!!


"My goodness Kaaren that's the fourth one....aren't you afraid you'll lose control of yourself?"
"Here look under my dress...."
"Oh my, is that a...."
"Yes it is....and I don't have the key to my wife is in control....not go get me another beer!!!"

Friday, October 13, 2017


When they discovered his secret Sissy wardrobe they told him that he would have to move took some effort but he convinced them to let him stay!!!!

The Bench

She had only been in the dress shop for a few minutes and when she returned her boyfriend was gone!
She looked around and didn't see him anywhere but she did notice the sexy blonde watching her so closely....she was just the type he was always ogling so she must have sat down after he walked away or he'd have been here still, drooling over her!!!
Maybe she had seen which way he went....
"Excuse me, did you see a young man sitting here a few minutes ago?"
"What....what are you talking about?"
"I'm sorry, my boyfriend was here a few minutes ago and I seem to have lost track of him and I was wondering if you saw him walking away...."
"Is this some kind of game you're playing?"
"No....I'm serious....tall, brown hair, wearing a blue shirt and jeans....did you see him? He was sitting right here!"
"Emma, I don't know what you're going on about but I'm ready to go home so if you're done with this silly game let's go....I'm hungry!"
" do you know my name?"
"Emma, I've been living with you for two years and I'm not playing this silly game of yours....let's go home....."
" that you?"
"For gods sake Emma.....cut it out...."
"What happened to you!!!! How did this happen????"
"Alright Emma, I'll did what happen?"
 She took the blond by the hand and led her to the full length mirror in the dress shop! Pushing her in front of the mirror she waited for the reaction....
"So what am I supposed to see I have a stain or something?"
She looked in the mirror and there was her boyfriend Dave, just the same as ever....she turned back and there was the sexy blond pouting in front of the mirror!!!!
Was it just her....
She asked the nearest salesgirl for help...
"Excuse me....could you help friend is looking for a new dress....something sexy!"
"I don't know if we have anything that will fit him....he's a big hunk of man!!!"
She looked at him and saw the blond....she looked in the mirror and saw Dave....
"Let's go home.....I don't know what's going on....but as soon as we get home I want your clothes off!!!!"
The blond practically purred....
"Now you're talking Honey....I can't wait!!!!"

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Not So Much

It really wasn't so much that I got hard when I wore panties that annoyed was more that I would cum in my panties before we even got started and then tell her I was sorry....
Chastity took care of that.....


Although she takes care of all of our financial, social and personal business and my job is to look pretty for her and do as I'm told....that doesn't mean I'm worry free!!!
I have some things that way very heavily on my head that I have to take care of.....

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I Don't Understand

"I don't understand why you'd want to sleep with your bra on Sissy...."
"I don't understand why you'd want to sleep with yours off....although I'm glad you do!!!"

She Loved This

She loved to grab me from behind and grind against me while she whispered in my ear all the things she wanted to do to a filthy slut like me!!!!
God help all sounded soooo good!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Sometimes her men are so ready to pop that I don't dare put them in my mouth no matter how much I want too!!!! Sucking his balls is a fine alternative....he'll appreciate it but it's really unlikely he'll cum.....

It's not what she says

It's how she says it....actually it's what she says and how she says chastity gurls will understand.....


Monday, October 9, 2017

Holiday Sales

How can a sissy resist a chance to go shopping when the local lingerie shop is having a 50% off sale!!!!
She gave me a budget and told me to stick to it or I'd be spanked....that's so not a way to get me to spend less...I was already picturing myself over her knee in my pretty new satin and frills!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's Columbus Day here in the good old USofA and whatever your feelings about that it's a day off from work and school!!!
But that's no reason to let your health slip by not having a healthy breakfast!!!! The best part about it is you can have your breakfast in bed and roll over, with your tummy full of toasty warmth and that wonderful flavor tingling your taste buds, and go back to sleep for a few hours!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Sweet treat, sweet dreams!!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Ride

I heard my wife call from upstairs...
"Kaaren....I feel like going for a does that sound to you?"
I was cleaning the kitchen floor on my hands and knees so it sounded great to me!!!
"I'd love to Sweetheart...where do you want to go?"
"Oh I think two or three times around the yard should do Sissy...."

Your Needs

"Of course I pay attention to your needs need to wear panties and you need to be caged and you need to be humiliated by licking his cum from my pussy....who could possibly take better care of your needs than me Sissy?"
"No one Ma'am!"
"Damned right Sissy now get busy....I want to cum more times before I go to sleep!!!!
"Yes Ma'am! Thank you Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Curse of the Full Moon

When I was attacked by the creature I had known nothing of the lycanthropic most mortals I was blissfully unaware of the dark world that surrounded me!!!
The attack had been sudden and evening stroll turned into a battle for my life against raking claws and teeth that sank so deep into my flesh!!!!
I fought as best I could but the beast was bigger, stronger, faster than me!!!!
In fact I would have died on that very spot if it hadn't been for the man....I don't know who he was! He appeared from nowhere and shot the beast six times until it finally fell over dead!!!
His shots drew the police and as they called frantically for an ambulance for me they grabbed my savior and put him in handcuffs!
A pink faced policeman leaned over me pointing to the man they held...
"Is this the man Sir....did he fire the shots?"
I was unable to speak....I was so weak....I nodded.....I tried to point to the beast but there was no beast.....there was the body of a young girl covered in blood....then I knew no more....
I woke in the hospital.....the doctors told me that my recovery was miraculous....they had never seen anyone heal so quickly from wounds that were potentially fatal!!! I thanked my lucky stars that I survived and allowed them to run all their tests although, to be honest, I never felt better in my life!!!!
I found that I could hear pretty much everything on the floor.....I could detect scents I never knew before.....I didn't know till now, that every person had a unique scent that was so obvious even if they tried to hide it with cologne or perfume!!!!
The police came to see me several times and I told them the truth.....the man had saved me from a horrible beast.....he had saved my life!!!! They told me that in the course of the attack I must have confused things because the only people at the scene moments after the shots were fired was me, a young girl...naked as the day she was born and the accused killer!!!!
They tried to make it fit together like a very awkward jigsaw puzzle....and told me that I had been too wounded to be a reliable witness!!!
They held me in the hospital for weeks.....they insisted I stay as they tested me....I began to be able to tell who was coming to my room by their scent alone....
Doctor Almay had a sick scent and I suspected he didn't have long to live....
Nurse Randall had a very earthy scent....she seemed to be almost constantly aroused...
Nurse Pagett smelled old and dying....unusual since she was so young....
Nurse Hope was my favorite....I can't explain it....but her scent was just delightful....her woman essence was somehow just fresh and the scent of a field of lilac in bloom....
The police smelled of death....every one of them.....the degree varied but the stink of it was on all of them....
Weeks passed and I felt a strange thrill run through was as if I felt something coming....something amazing....
The first night of the full moon it happened....
Pain....unimaginable pain.....I felt my body twisting....bones snapping and reforming....Nurses, and then Doctors had run to my side....but, like me, they didn't understand....the curse!!!!
The transformation happened so quickly....I was so hungry and I was so pleased that there was so much food nearby....the food was so noisy and some of it fought me but that only drove my frenzy to a higher level!!!!
Once I had fed I heard the howls of the pack, it was as if they were calling me to come home!!!
I left the building full of the sick food and raced toward the pack...
The food that I passed screamed and ran but I was well fed for now....
Soon I reached the legs aching and my paws burning.....but I was with my own....
The pack circled me and I bowed in a few moments the Alpha approached me and pushed me with his nose....
Submissively I moved in the direction he had indicated....he kept moving me until my hind quarters were shown to the entire pack.....
And then he mounted was bliss....pure bliss as I found my place as the Alpha's bitch....
Later many of the pack left to hunt food but I was full.....I nuzzled next to the Alpha to rest until he pushed me away....
I awoke at dawn surrounded by naked they stirred awake many of them were grinning at me as they slipped away....
A cough behind me made me turn....
"You're probably mate bit you and brought you into our pack....but every pack needs a female......every Alpha needs a bitch....and when they killed my you were the last one turned you have become my bitch...."
"I don't understand.....I've become some kind of beast!!!!"
"Yes! But you've become our Queen too!"
"But I'm a man!"
"Sometimes you are and sometimes you aren't.....come with me and let me teach you about your new world!"
He smelled like he was telling the fact his scent was all over me....I went with him to learn what I had become!!!!


"Why are you standing like that Kaaren?"
"What do you mean?"
"What are you trying to hide with your hands Kaaren?"
"Nothing Sweetheart....I'm not hiding anything!"
"I think we can agree on that Sissy....there really is nothing there to hide is there?"
"No Ma'am...."

Friday, October 6, 2017

When She Gets Home

She works so hard in a high pressure world....she makes deals that I can't understand....she moves sums of money daily that I can't even conceive of....
So is it any wonder that sometimes when she gets home she just wants to cuddle with me?
Some men would take this as an invitation to sex but I know she just needs some quiet time and light kisses and just the two of us....together like we always are....we don't even have to talk....I am here for her....for whatever she needs....that's what being married means!!!!

After The Party

She had spent the entire night at the Tupperware party telling all the neighborhood women about how good her sissy husband was with his tongue....when she left for work the girls decided to find out for themselves!!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Working Out

Yeah wear your workout clothes and I'll wear my workout clothes....and I'll bet you I burn more calories.....have better toned muscles.....and look one hell of a lot prettier than you grunting neanderthals.....
There's only one place for all you grunting neanderthals....with  the showers after....

We've Come So Far

"We've come so far Sissy.....your journey is almost complete....just another inch or two and you'll become the sissy cocksucker you were born to be!!!!!"

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Just Look Sissy

"Just look Sissy....your wife is as beautiful as the finest work of's such a shame that you can't satisfy her like I can.....but which hole should I take Sissy.....which one offers me the most pleasure....."
I tried to answer him....but her panties in my mouth left me unable to speak!!!!!

My Choice

She told me it would be my choice today....I could choose the red....the white....or the pink....
I almost laughed when I saw if I'd choose the red or the white.....what was she thinking.....

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I Told You

"I told takes more than putting on pretty lingerie to be my Sissy!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

My Limit

I'd reached my limit....I just couldn't take anymore.....and I was happy and sad....
I was happy to have that big cock in my mouth....he was enjoying it and so was I...even though I couldn't take him all the way!!!!
I was sad that I'd have to give him up to her....I wouldn't get my creamy cuckolds reward directly from least not this time.....I'd get it from her and that was good too, but it didn't match the feeling when he pulses and fills your mouth and you try your best to swallow it sissy's and girls know what I mean!!!!

Monday, October 2, 2017


"Oh you look so adorable in my underwear!!!! I can't wait to tell all the girls in school how cute you look in my pink panties!!!"
" promised that if I did it you wouldn't tell!!!!"
"Yeah....we promised we wouldn't tell the boys....but the girls are going to love this!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Another week begins and you'll just have to fight your way through it....
Those daily battles against overwhelming odds require something special, something warm and delicious, something that slides down into your tummy and  gives you the power to come out on top every time!!!!
ManCandy!!!! The one and don't have to wonder anymore!!!!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Lazy Sunday

Sissy's wife liked to have a lazy Sunday.....a complete day to rest and catch up on the little things she had no time for...and the best part was she could just tap her magazine on her husbands head if he slowed down....

What Kind of a Man

"Just look at you....on your knees wearing panties and stockings and sucking my cock right in front of your wife.....what kind of man are you?"
I never missed a beat...I just kept on sucking him while my wife answered for me....
"He's my Sissy husband and I love watching him suck your cock!!! It's one of the things I love best about him!!!"
"But should be married to a real man....someone like me....oh god....oh god....stop....I'm going to cum....ohhhhh!!!"
After dutifully swallowing every drop Sissy smiled up at him!
"I'm the kind of man that makes you cum....that  takes you in my mouth and sucks every drop out of you!!! And you put your cock in a man's mouth and let him suck you and let him make you cum so.....what kind of man are you?"

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Matinee - A New Life

"Stop pouting honey, you'll love it here and it's a great opportunity too...."
"Yeah a great opportunity for you but I'm the man I should be the breadwinner...not you!"
"We've been over this one is hiring in your field right now....and with my new salary we can afford for you to stay at'll be a man of leisure while I toil away..."
"Maybe your new company might have an opening for me?"
"Well that may be but you'll have to let me get started before I try and bring my husband into the office...."
"I guess so...."
He was surprised when they pulled up in front of their new was huge!!!! She pushed a button on her new remote and one of the three garage doors swung open allowing her to pull their new Mercedes in.
Inside he marveled at the spacious interior....the fireplace...the chefs kitchen....the game room....upstairs there were four bedrooms.....all except one with a full bathroom!!!! She pointed out that one of these rooms was the servants room!!!!
"Servants room!!!!! How can we afford this!!!!! And the new car!!!! How much are they paying you???"
"You know I signed a non-disclosure agreement....I told you already that I can't discuss anything about my job!"
"Not even with me???"
"Not even with you Sweetie!"
He went to the car and carried in their suitcases...she had arranged for most of her things to be shipped ahead and he was amazed as she unpacked....her things completely filled both dressers and the entire closet in the master bedroom!!!
"I'm sorry Sweetie....but we have plenty of room why don't you put your things in the small room down at the end of the hall.....that way if we have guests you won't have to move anything!"
He couldn't argue with her logic and carried his cases to the small room....this must have been the maids room because the pastel pink walls certainly wouldn't have been appreciated by a male servant!!! When he opened the closet his guess was confirmed when he found several maids uniforms hanging there....very frilly and fancy too!
"Honey....there's some maids uniforms in here....what should we do with them?"
"Oh just push them out of the way Sweetie....the last girl must have forgotten them....I'll ask the personnel office to track her down so we can return them!"
He pushed the dresses aside.....they were so pretty......oh well...
Over the next few days they settled in and he began to notice all the neighbor women were was crazy.....each one was prettier than the last....and he hadn't seen any of the men except for the landscaping team that arrived on the street promptly at 8am and mowed the lawns and tended to the gardens at all the houses....even theirs!
"What's with the landscapers honey? How much does that cost us?"
"Nothing to worry about's all included with the house...."
On Monday morning she left for her new job and he was alone for the first time since they'd moved here....looking around he decided he should straighten up the house. he vacuumed and dusted and he was just about to start a load of laundry when the doorbell rang....
"Hi, my name's Debbie and I live across the street.....I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood!"
"Hi Debbie, I'm Steve....I'm afraid my wife's not home right now...."
"Oh that's alright....I'm alone all day about a cup of coffee and we can get to know one another...."
"Well I'm not sure..."
"Oh look at're blushing!!!! I promise I won't take advantage of you Stevie!"
"It's Steve....of course...please come in I could use a break anyway!"
Over the next hour or so they chatted about where they had come from and the mysterious job up at the facility...
"Does your husband work up there too?"
"'s my wife that works there...."
"Your wife....oh....oh look I'm sorry I didn't know....I didn't mean any offense!!!"
"None taken Stevie!"
"Are you hungry Debbie,,,,I could whip us up something....."
"What do you have in the fridge Stevie?"
""It's Steve actually..."
"Oh I'm sorry Stevie,,,,I mean Steve...."
They decided to make bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and gathered the ingredients as he put the griddle on to heat up!"
"Oh but Stevie....Steve the bacon grease will ruin your beautiful you have an apron?"
"No I guess I'll just have to be careful...."
"That's a shame....the girl that used to be here had lots of aprons....she wore one every day...."
"You mean the maid....yeah she left some stuff in a closet upstairs.....she might have an apron!"
"Oh....lets go see...."
She took his hand and led him through the house as if she lived there....without asking she walked right to the small pink bedroom and pushed his clothes aside.....she took one uniform off the hanger and it had a full apron that was positively dripping with lace....
"There this one will do!"
Before he knew it she had hung it around his neck and stepped around him to tie it behind his back...
"There that's perfect!"
He was flustered and more than a little embarrassed....
"Look this isn't what I had in mind when I...."
"Oh look!!!! You're blushing again....that's so cute Stevie!!!! Come on....I'm starving...let's eat!"
He shrugged....they went back to the kitchen and he made them a couple of sandwiches each!!!!
By the time he sat down to eat he had completely forgotten about the pretty apron...
They chatted some more as they cleaned up after....she was really easy to talk to....funny and friendly and kind of like...well she was fun...
After she left he continued with the housework and began preparing their took so much to take care of a big house like was no wonder the previous occupants had a maid!!!
Time flew by and before he knew it he heard her car pulling into the garage!!!
She smiled when she saw him come out of the kitchen to meet her....
"Oh my....don't you look nice!!!"
It was only then that he realized that he was still wearing the apron....
"I....uh....I was cooking and I didn't want to...."
She laughed....
"Stop....I understand....maybe next weekend we can get you some aprons of your own!"
"No I...uh....I don't need any aprons of my own....."
"Suit yourself....I guess the ones in your closet will do for now...."
"No that's....."
"What's cooking honey I'm starving!"
"I....uh...I made pasta and a green bean salad....I hope that's OK?"
"It sounds wonderful, and later you can tell me all about your day..."
Several weeks went by......his neighbor Debbie had become almost his constant companion from the moment his wife left till just before she returned home....
It was alright because Debbie had brought him her special blend of was delicious and positively addictive.....then one day....
"You know Stevie....instead of just wearing aprons to protect your clothes....why don't you just put on the maids one would need to know and your nice clothes would be neat and clean when your wife gets home!!!"
"Oh I couldn't do wouldn't be right...."
Suddenly his mind was racing.....putting on that uniform was all he wanted to do....
Debbie smiled and took him by the hand.....come on'll be fun....
And he went with her.....
They watched the monitors in the lab as he tried to walk in the 3 inch heels for the first time....with Debbie helping him,,,,keeping him in the line of sight so they could evaluate his progress....
"Do you think he's ready?'
"Not yet....but soon..." said his wife.
Several weeks passed as Debbie made sure that he wore a proper uniform from the delicate lace undies to his short black dress....and then one day when she came to the door he was already wearing it....
In the lab they looked at each other...
"He's ready!!!"
When the doorbell rang the next morning, instead of Debbie the landscaping crew was there....without a word they shot the dart into his neck and caught him as the fast acting tranquilizer did it's job....
When he woke he realized he must have slept in....oh my goodness look at the time!!!
Dressing as quickly as possible he remembered it was his market day....
He vaguely recognized her as she pushed her cart toward him....he wasn't sure....but he had a feeling....
As they drew close she looked up and smiled at him....
"Hi Stevie...."
"It's Stephanie actually...."

I Told You So

He was stunned.....speechless....
"You see Sissy.....I told you that I could make you over into a beautiful girl, didn't I?"
"I don't know what to made me pretty....I don't know how to thank you!!!"
"Oh don't worry about that Sissy.....I have a lot of great ideas about ways you can thank me!!!!"

Friday, September 29, 2017


Yesterday I finished all my housework and started to prepare dinner....she said she was bringing a guest but she didn't tell me who it was.....but she wanted me in my formal maid uniform!!!
I checked the clock and saw I had plenty of time till she got home....I put a Beethoven CD on to play....the third symphony "Eroica", it's one of my favorites....and I turned it up have to listen to Beethoven loud!!!!
That's why I didn't hear her come in!!!
She scared the crap out of me when she tapped me on the shoulder....she had a woman with her....someone I've never met!!!
"Marie, this is my Sissy can call her Sissy or Kaaren as you please!"
"Lovely to meet you Sissy....what a cute outfit you're wearing!"
I was so embarrassed as I always am when I meet someone new!!!
"Thank you Ms.'s very nice to meet you."
"Oh aren't you the sweetest little thing....and such a cute bottom too!"
I was suddenly reminded of what I was glance at my wife told me everything I needed to know!
"Go upstairs Sissy and dress properly as I instructed you....then meet us in my den and we'll show Marie just how cute your bottom is after it's changed to bright pink!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I knew not to argue even though she was going to humiliate me by spanking me in front of this complete stranger....I dreaded it....and I couldn't wait!!!!
Today I'm reminded of it all every time I sit down!!!!

A Sissy's Work is Never Done

I have so much to do and so little time to do it and as delightful as these interruptions are I'll just never get finished in time if he keeps doing this!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Bench

Bob came back to the bench every day, even though he doubted that the body thief who had left him like this would ever return!!!!
It had been months....since she had asked him to sit with her and when she took his hand it was like all of reality turned inside out for a moment and then he was staring at himself.....well he was staring at his body...and he was no longer in it!!!!
The thief smiled and ran leaving him dumbfounded and confused.....if only he had left some kind of instructions!!!
Even after all this time he still hadn't quite adjusted to being a woman and he had certainly never learned to sit like a lady!!!!

Come Quick Sissy

"Sissy....come quick!!!! You know I always let you have the first drop!!!"

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Cuckolds Life - Her Eyes

It's a typical scene from a cuckolds life.....his cock is in her mouth but her eyes are on smile tells her everything she needs to know!!!!

Sissy School - Perfect Scores

"Alright you two....Kaaren and have both achieved perfect scores in my class but I have to pick one for the honor of top I want you two to decide who deserves it more....."
"Oh I think it should be Kaaren....her lips are so soft...."
"No it should be Leeanne.....her kisses are like heaven...."
"I think I may have to spank two naughty sissies soon....but for now just let me enjoy the show!!!!"

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What Did You Think

"When I said I couldn't wait to take you home and fuck you what did you think I meant???"
"I thought I would.....oooooh!"
"You thought I had any interest in that tiny clit of yours!!!!! Oh my're going to be my new girlfriend from now on.....after I'm done with your pussy we'll see about getting you into a pretty pair of panties!!!!"
"But I...."
"But what Sissy?"
"Nothing....thank you Ma'am!!!!"
"You're welcome Sissy!!!"


Sissy tried to resist....although this was what she secretly wanted a moment her desires would be fulfilled and her future would become clear!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

A New World!

Leaving his clothes crumpled on the floor he texted a short message to his boss...
"You're a bastard....I quit!"
He stepped out of the changing room in his pretty new dress and walked out into a whole new world!!!

Monday ManCandy

The morning sun is streaming have to get up and face another week!!!
But that's no reason to start off your week in a frenzy....your morning should flow smoothly and easily just like your favorite breakfast treat flows so smoothly and easily over your tongue and down into your empty tummy!!!!
ManCandy!!! Just go with the flow!!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Out Back

"Oh hello Sweetie....I didn't think you were bringing your Sissy with you.....I guess you can take her out back and lock her in the kennels,,,,"
"Will she be safe there?"
" dogs are well trained!"


"Alright's time....come give your wife a big kiss!!!!"

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Delta House

Dean Wormer was at his wits end!!!! What could he do to rein in those Deltas??? Their house was the animal house of the campus!!!!
He had tried to get rid of them through regular administrative channels but they had always been one step ahead of him!!!
He had reached the point of despair when help came from a very unexpected source!!!!
The research wing of the university had made a breakthrough....their mega-funded DNA research had allowed them to change a male chimpanzee into a female....they had hoped to use this to gain a new understanding into the biological nature of the two sexes!!!
The formula was secret, obviously, but it was available to the research team and to the college administrators and Dean Wormer saw its usefulness right away!
The Delta house ruffians had been surprised when the Dean showed up with a case of liquor as a "peace offering" but never wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth they all joined in to enjoy the free booze!!!!
Things have changed now at the Delta House....the lines of girls waiting to get into the wild parties were gone....replaced by the huge lines of college men and administrators waiting to get into the nightly parties now....and Dean Wormer couldn't do anything because all the Deltas were getting straight A's from their Professors now!!!!

Don't Be Silly

"Don't be silly Sissy, you look beautiful!!!! You were the prettiest girl at the party tonight!!!"
"But....I'm not really a girl....."
"Sissy!!! You have been my special girl since I met you!!!!"
"I am?"
"And you always will get over here and make me cum!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Friday, September 22, 2017


"Yes Sissy, you look very nice but you need to learn to accessorize....I know just the thing that will go perfectly with that outfit......a nice big black cock in your mouth is the perfect accessory to every sissy outfit!!!!!"


"Whatever you want Sissy is here to serve....isn't that right Sissy?
"Yes Ma'am!"

Thursday, September 21, 2017


A good Sissy remains hair free at all times.....regular maintenance is a must!!!!