Thursday, December 14, 2017

Her Dreams

She slips into Sissy's bedroom before quiet as she can be considering....
"Is there something wrong Sweetheart?" Sissy asks still half asleep...
"No Sissy, I was dreaming about you and I need you now....I'm so ready to fuck!!!"
"Really!!! You were dreaming about fucking me!!! I'm flattered!!!"
"I don't care about flattery Sissy, just get those heels up because I'm going to fuck you hard and deep!"
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!!!"

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


"Look closer Sissy, I just wanted to prove to you that you don't have a cock.....this is a cock.....this can satisfy a woman.....what do we call that little thing between your legs?"
" clitty...."
"And it's barely big enough for that Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Sissy Training - Baby Steps

"That's right Sissy....look at it.....your hands are filled with a man's cum.....feel it....smell dip your tongue in it and taste it.....good lick it all time it doesn't go in your time it goes in your mouth....won't that be nice....a hard cock spurting into your mouth.....I can hardly wait to see it, what about you Sissy....I bet you can't wait either!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I can't wait!"
"Well then why wait? Lick up his cum and then get busy sucking that cock!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Kitchen

He was fucking my wife on the kitchen counter while I knelt next to them!!! This gave me the perfect view of that huge cock spreading her so wide as she gasped and moaned....but while he was fucking her his eyes were locked on me....I couldn't read the look on his face....was he smiling or was he smirking.....and what was he going to think when I leaned in to lick up all his creamy cum from her sweet little pussy!!!

Monday, December 11, 2017


"There you go Sissy, now you have the prettiest mouth in town....all the boys are going to want you to suck their cocks with your beautiful red lips.....what do you say Sissy?"
"I can't wait!!!!"
"You are such a Sissy slut....."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Oh yes it's that good!!! Your mouth is full of warm creamy goodness and you have to take a moment to just savor it!!! Roll it about over your tongue and really just enjoy it!
Yes you know it's healthy and packed full of the protein that you need for your active day....but all you can think of is how good it is and as soon as you swallow it you're going to go back and get the rest!!!
ManCandy!!! It may not be the best flavor on earth but it's close!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Exam

"Pull your panties down and bend over the table please Sissy...."
"Do I have to pull my panties down Doctor?"
"It's all part of the exam please put your wrist into the handcuff Sissy...."
"Do I have to be handcuffed Doctor?"
"It's all part of the exam please lift your ass up Sissy...."
" I have to be spanked too Doctor??"
"It's all part of the exam Sissy....I like to warm up a sissy's bottom to get you ready for the internal exam...."
"Oh are you going to fuck me Doctor?"
"It's all part of the exam Sissy...."
"But you're a dentist...."
"And a damned thorough one too Sissy now try to relax...."
"Yes Doctor......OH YES Doctor!!!!"