Friday, May 25, 2018


"I'm curious Sissy....get over here and get on your knees....which one do you lick first?"

In My Dreams

I knelt beside my small bed and prayed....
"Please make me a real girl!!!!"
There was a splash of bright blue lightning and there she was, lying on my bed....
"Who are you?" I asked
"I'm the answer to your prayers young sissy!!!"
"But who....."
"Didn't you see the Pinocchio movie? I'm the Blue Fairy....I'm the one that made him a real boy!!!!"
"But you seem so had a beautiful blue gown...."
"Different wishes....different circumstances....."
"But why are you here?"
"Well you made a wished so hard that you couldn't be ignored!!!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!! You're going to make me a real girl!!!!!"
"Not so fast Sissy....first you have to prove that you deserve it!!!!"
"Anything!!!! I'll do anything!!!!"
"Then crawl over here and start licking, show me how much you appreciate the chance I'm giving you!!!"

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Losing Track

She thought it was the middle of a conversation she would do this and I would almost immediately lose track of what we were talking about!!!!


Yes she is bigger than me by an inch or two....and when she wears heels she really towers over me!!!! But tilting my head back for her to kiss me as she pulls me into her arms just makes me feel so girly!!!!!
Some of you out there know exactly what I mean....

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


"I do love it but it's too small Sweetheart!"
"Nonsense Sissy, I think it's perfect....I love it and I'm sure my girlfriends will love it too!"
"Your girlfriends?"
"Oh didn't I tell you....I'm having some friends over tonight and they are so anxious to meet my sissy husband...I think some of them don't believe you're real!!!"
"But....can I at least put some panties on?"
"For what Sissy? It's not like you have anything worth covering is it?"
"No Ma'am!"
"Very good Sissy, we'll be there at around 7 so make sure you have drinks and nibbles ready...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh and Sissy, one more thing..."
"Make sure you're plugged too....use the one....the vibrating one with the remote...."

Hump Day

No better day than Hump Day to show your Boss what you can do!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Some Nights are Easier

It's never really easy to watch her have sex while my clitty is caged....but I have to say....some nights are easier than others.....this wasn't one of them!!!!!