Friday, July 21, 2017

He Laughed at Me

One of her lovers....I can honestly say I never particularly cared for him...he wasn't he was leaving he kissed her....
"Call me again Baby when you want to have a real man make you cum!!!"
After she closed the door she hugged me and kissed me and told me that he and I had a lot in common...
"He's an arrogant prick and he'll never cum inside me ever again....and  you're a tiny dicked sissy and....well...neither will you!!! Come on now....come to bed with me and make me cum like only you can!!!"
Well...I guess I'm at least biologically still a real man....and I've made her cum thousands and thousands of times so he can just kiss my ass!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just Lately

I don't know why but lately when she releases me for hygienic reasons she always asks me if I really want to be caged for her...
Of course I do and I've assured her of this over and over....
But she hands me the lock and I have to click it prove it to her....
I think it's just a game she's playing with me because the smile on her face when she hears that lock click shut is just something close to pure joy!!!!
It's not enough that I submit to her, she likes me to tell her how I want to submit to her...and prove it by locking myself in the cage for her!!!
And I love that smile!!!!

Let The Boy Alone

"I can't believe my brother is such a sissy!!!"
"Yeah babe I was real surprised when we walked in and found him!"
"I might not have even recognized him except he was wearing my favorite dress!!!"
"And he looked pretty good in it too!!!"
"I'd never have believed he'd agree to suck your cock too!!!"
"And he's pretty damned good at it too, hell I'll bet he even swallows!!!"
"Yeah but maybe it's too much...maybe we should let him stop!!!"
"You want to get down there and take his place Babe?"
"Ewww that's gross!!!"
"Then just let the boy alone Babe, he knows what he's doing....maybe tomorrow we can all go out somewhere...just the three of us?"
"I won't be here tomorrow, sorry..."
"Well then I guess it's just me and your brother then....we'll miss you....can you loan him some of that red lipstick you wear....."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Can't Get Enough

Oh god how I love it.....every chance I get I fill my mouth with tastes sooooo good!!!
I love to swirl it around in my mouth.....getting that full creamy flavor....and when I swallow I almost always want more!!! Feeling it on my lips and even if a little dribbles down my chin.....I just can't get enough!!!
Just come here Baby....stand right here...and pass me that sweet milk from the refrigerator!!! I want it all!!!!

A Couple of Dozen

"Alright, pick up a few dozen and distribute them to the altar boys!"
"Yes Father."
"Tell them I want them to wear a different color each day!"
"Yes Father."
"Tell them I'll be checking!"
"Yes Father."
"Oh and pick up a nice assortment in my size and have them sent to the rectory...."
"Yes Father, should I get you the matching bras too?"
"That's good're going to go far!!!!"
"It's my pleasure Father....will you bless me Father?"
"For gods sake....not here.....wait till we get back to our rooms!!!!"

Sissy Victory!!!

It seems that calmer and far less prudish minds have prevailed and Google+ has lifted my fact we're getting along so much better now...
As you can see we're the absolute best of friends now.....I even used a little extra lube so they'd enjoy our renewed relationship that much more....

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

She Knows How To Seal A Deal

"You don't want too...but why....didn't we have fun last time?"

"Of course I had Sissy in the bed with that a problem?"

" feel that strongly about it?"

"So if I promise that Sissy won't be in bed with us you'll come over?"

"Why are you laughing???"

"Hell yes I'm horny.....and I want that great big cock of yours like right now!!!"

"Okay I promise, just you and me in the bed...."

"Yeah Baby, me too....see you soon!"

"Well Sissy it looks like it's the floor for you this time...."
"Yes Ma'am!"