Wednesday, April 25, 2018


While I wait for my espresso I notice him....
He's staring at my legs....what a pig....and then I recognized him....from High School....oh yes it was him....he had that same leering smile even then....even then when he was punching that small effeminate boy where  it wouldn't leave a mark....when he was calling me horrible names....Sissy, Faggot, Cocksucker....all of which I've come to embrace....well except Faggot....I still don't like that one...
He sees me as we make eye contact and instead of turning away he sticks out his tongue and wiggles it at me....obviously he doesn't recognize me....then I see his wife sit down with shapeless clothes and the three kids all shouting at him and I just couldn't help it.....I did the worst thing I could possibly do to the bastard...
I gave him a soft smile as I crossed my legs and allowed my dress to slip up a little higher on my thighs....
I know that the next time he fucks the fat cow he's married to, he'll be thinking of me....maybe they'll name the baby after me!!!!

Hump Day

The first part of the week was a real pain in the ass but at least it made it easier for the rest of the week to glide by with almost no friction!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I Said

"I know what I said Sissy.....I said if you could make him cum in under three minutes I'd release you and let you attempt to fuck holes barred!!!!"
"But he's in chastity!!!!"
"I never said it was going to be easy Sissy.....time starts now!!!!!"


I spend a lot of my time in the house....I was never the most outgoing person....I always liked my private time where I could do things that I couldn't do outside....
So I never had a lot of friends....I had a few....and a couple of really good friends who I could always count on....but I had trouble making new friends as the years went by....
Men saw me as a little too feminine and women saw me as not masculine enough!!!
So thank goodness that my sweet wife has no trouble at all making new friends and that through her I've gotten to taste meet so many interesting people....mostly men though!!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Macho Man

He loved to tell his buddies on the construction site how his wife was the perfect housewife!!!!
She met him every night with that wicked smile and that twinkle in her eye....and they would fuck every night once before dinner and usually twice more before bed....
He was so lucky, he told them, he married a girl who just wanted to fuck all the time!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You see silly boy....I told you it's not just for girls!!!! Although I have to admit with your pretty makeup and lacy lingerie you're more of a girl than many of the girls I know!!!
A delicious mouthful of fresh hot cream will remind you all day that I love you and only want what's best for you!!!!
From now on I'm going to make sure you get what you need to get on with your day Sweetie!!!!
ManCandy!!!! You love wearing the dresses....this is the bonus!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Brunch

Yes I plan to serve poached eggs and bacon....a lovely assortment of fruits....sweet country ham....specialty omelets....savory sausages....grits with butter....waffles and anything else she and her guests might desire....
But before they arrive she serves me my favorite Sunday only problem is that I can never get enough to satisfy me....although I make sure she gets real much as she desires....