Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Twins

The twins were always happy when their brother Mike came home on Spring Break!!!! Unfortunately they were both given reading assignments that took so much of their time!!!
They would just have to work around it.....

Friday, March 23, 2018

Alumni News

Well....this was an interesting thing that I got in the mail yesterday....
The Alumni Committee of my High School wants to put together an "Achievements Survey" of my graduating class....
Really what could I give them that they could actually use....
Went to college.....passed by the skin of my teeth....married a woman way out of my league.....worked as a middle manager and was fired in the first downsizing....never really found another decent live as a full time Sissy Maid to my wife and her lovers....
My wife laughed when she read this and she sat down and wrote something far better for me to submit.....
"Went on from High School to learn who I really was and that I could handle double the load that most others could!!!! Live in a multitasking environment where I'm constantly challenged to take on more and more!!!!"
And that's why she's a top corporate exec and I'm her maid!!!!


What's the secret of success?
It's really simple....
When opportunity knocks make sure you open the door!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I Thought It Was Funny

When she shifted her hips to give me access to her special bottom hole I thought it would be funny to blow a raspberry!!!!
And it was funny.....we both laughed.....but the spanking later,,,,that wasn't so funny!!!


"'s alright Sissy.....I'm just going to gently take your panties down....your bottom looks it sore Sissy?"
"Yes Ma''s very sore!!!"
"And whose fault is it that it's so sore, Sissy?"
"All my fault Ma'am. 100% my fault!!!"
"And what are you going to do tomorrow, Sissy?"
"I'm going to wear the bra even if it shows through my shirt!!!!"
"That's right I think another twenty on your bare bottom will make sure you remember...."
"You don't want another twenty Sissy?"
"Alright we'll do thirty then....or do you want to refuse again?"
"No Ma'am.....thank you Ma'am!!!"

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sick Of It

"Dammit Sissy I'm sick of's supposed to be Spring now...."
"I'm sorry Ma'am!"
"You clean this all up and you better get my flowers to grow or you're going to get it!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I'll do my best...."

Hump Day

Oh yeah that's it....harder....faster....deeper.....I'm halfway there!!!!!