Thursday, February 22, 2018

Unemployment Benefit

When I lost my job she was very the time there was nothing available for an unremarkable middle manager type like me....
Then she told me she had found the ideal job for me and I was so excited!!!!
"This is your job from now on Sissy.....full time cocksucker.....I'm sure you're going to love it!!!!"
No argument from me....I mean when she's right, she's right!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hump Day

You're halfway to the weekend....just watching that second hand go round and round has never felt better!!!!

Field of Dreams

"If you wear it he will cum...." the voice whispered to me!
Well I did and he did and it wasn't so great but he promised he'd be back tomorrow and he'd bring some friends to help him out.....

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Have You Seen

"Sissy have you seen the pink panties I had on the other know...the ones with the lace that you liked so much?"
"Ummm no I haven't...."
"It's funny, I put them in the laundry hamper and after you cleaned my undies that pair wasn't there...."
"Maybe I left them in the laundry room or perhaps I mixed them with mine....I'll check and I'm sure they'll be back in your drawer by the time you get home tonight!"
She turned and smiled at me....
"I'm sure they'll be back too Sissy!"
She was laughing as she walked out the door!!!!
I rushed right away to where I had hidden those pretty pink panties.....and I tool a last sniff of her lovely scent before I ran the water to wash them....I needed them to dry before she got home!!!!
I'll miss having them but there's always something new in the laundry hamper!!!!

Wake Up

Wake up my Darling
It's another day....

Don't we all wake up our wives or sweethearts like this?
If you don't you should try it....
Remember it's just for her....I never expect anything in return and neither should you!!!
That smile as she leaves for work makes it all worthwhile!!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

What Do I Mean?

"What do I mean Sissy? Really it's not that hard to understand.....that little clit in your panties does nothing for me.....I need a real man's cock....he's coming here tonight for dinner and I'm going to fuck him...and you're going to eat all his cum out of my pussy while he watches....then you're going to suck his cock till he cums in your sissy mouth while I you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am....."

Monday ManCandy

It's a holiday today so there's no need to rush!!!! The usual Monday Frenzy is put on hold as she takes her sweet treat.....but after she'll sleep some more with that wonderful flavor in her mouth!!!
ManCandy!!!! It fills your dreams just like it fills your mouth!!!!